Are there different shop formats?

TFD  has defined four shop formats that adapt to different locations. This suites the goal of providing clients with available stores nearby, and giving franchisees different choices for investment.

The difference of the stores is on the variety of products sold.

  • Shop in shop: From 30 to 50 m2
  • Express stores : From 40 up to 90 m2
  • Neighborhood stores : From 90 up to 200 m2
  • Mobile units

What are the steps to franchise and open a shop?

  1. Candidate approval
    After filling out the “Franchisee Request Form” and a serious of personal interviews, if the candidate fits into the TFD requirements, a franchise pre-contract is to be signed.
  2. Location
    TFD is to offer support in the search and evaluation of the store location, although the final decision is on the franchisee.
  3. Franchise contract
    Once the location is decided, the franchise contract is to be signed. The goal is then to open the store on a defined location at a defined schedule, and to receive the corresponding training courses for the store responsible.
  4. Construction of the store
    The franchisee is to receive support regarding image, decoration, design, equipment, etc., so that the store can be build by following efficient operation procedures defined by TFD.
  5. Store opening
    Once the approval in relation to the store standards is granted on TFD’s behalf, and once the training for the crew is successfully finished (among other issues), the store is to be opened.

What are the franchise advantages and services provided?

  1. Implementation
    Support on determining the most appropriate location, store layout, opening logistics, etc.
  2. Purchasing and logistics
    Ordering from set up qualitative suppliers facilitates business control and logistics.
  3. IT & administration
    A proper Front and Back of the house POS system is one of the key tools to help all of us.
  4. Training
    There are several training programs tailored to keep your personnel permanently up to date on procedures and customer service. From pre-opening programs to permanent support programs.
  5. Marketing
    The marketing budget is dedicated to brand, as well as to direct impact actions that focus on achieving higher customer flow and loyalty, other than increasing your profitability.
  6. Dynamic innovation
    Permanent product and operation research, as well as market and customer trends identification, are a core part of our internal research. This helps us to become everyday a better chain.
  7. Permanent support
    Operations are kept easy, so that personnel’s training is simple.


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